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VIETNAM – Expenses & Accommodation

We spent 29 days in Vietnam staying in guesthouses or hotels with a double room, most of which came with a/c and private bathroom.

We ate out the whole time either at restaurants or street food.

The “Transport” part below includes the inter city night buses, trains, motorbike taxis, taxis to and from train stations or airports and 1 flight.

The “Extras” part includes our tour of the Mekong Delta, half day tour around Saigon, Our Sapa tour and Ha long Bay Tour, shopping at the markets and entrance fees to museums and so on. These expenses do not include any of the clothes made in Hoi An or the postage to send them home.

All amounts are in US dollars

Accommodation:....................................$ 550
Food:.....................................................$ 467
Transport:..............................................$ 374
Extras:...................................................$ 659
TOTAL:...................................................$ 2050

Per day for 2 pax:...................................$ 71


VIETNAM - ACCOMODATION: 30 September to 30 October 2010

"Nhat Lan"
Address: on Long Beach, last one before the rocks
Tel: + 84 (077) 3847 663
Cost: $10 per room – Ensuite Bathroom – fan – No Breakfast inc – Wifi near reception
Notes: Family run hotel, right on the beach on a nice stretch. Not much English spoken. Good location. There are nicer places for the same price next door but this was the only place with free wifi. Best to just arrive and look at the hotels in the area, we didn’t book

"Ngoc Phan"
Address: 35/12 Bui Vien Street, District 1, HCMC
Tel: + 84 8 3836 9076
Email: plhuy ngoc@vnn.vn
Cost: $15 per room – Ensuite Bathroom – A/C – Breakfast inc – Wifi in room!
Notes: Family run hotel, nice and discreet. Not much English spoken, but to get the basics across was not too bad. Good location. Loved having the wifi rooter IN the room, best internet connection ever!

"TM Brother’s Café"
Address: 230 De Tham Street, District 1, HCMC
Tel: + 84 8 383 777 64
Email: tmbrothertours@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.kep-botanica.com/
Cost: VD 360,000 (approx $18) per person
Notes: This tour included 2 full days, some meals, transport and boats. Dinner that night was on us and so was the next day’s lunch.

"An Hoa"
Address: 64B/6 Tran Phu Road, Nha Trang
Tel: 058 352 4029
Email: anhoahotel@yahoo.com
Web: www.anhoahotel.com.vn
Cost: $10 per room – Ensuite Bathroom – A/C – No Breakfast – Wifi
Notes: Friendly place but the a/c wasn’t getting cold and we were paying for it. They agreed to lower our price after a few days. NB: The rooms on the balcony are to be avoided if there is still building across the road (they are the same as the rest except for a big common balcony) – they start drilling very early!

"Dai Long Hotel"
Address: 680 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoi An
Tel: +84 510 3916 232
Email: dailonghotel@vnn.vn
Web: www.dailonghotel.com
Cost: $14 per room – Ensuite Bathroom – A/C – No Breakfast – Wifi
Notes: Just on the border to the old town, nice location amongst many other hostels. Professional and pleasant place.

"Easy Rider"
Cost: VD 877,000 (Approx $45) – sat behind driver (more if drive bike by yourself)
Notes: Tried to look for a website but so many claim to be the real deal we weren’t sure which one was it! We booked it through Hue Backpackers which is also where the tour ended. I did not do it and arrived by bus, the hotel was a 5-7 min walk from where the bus stops. Seems like a nice place actually, but on the pricey side for Double rooms but cheap for dorms!

"Tung Trang Hotel"
Address: 13 Tam Thuong Alley, Hanoi
Tel: +84 4 382 86267
Email: tungtranghotel@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.tungtranghotel.com/
Cost: $16 per room – Ensuite Bathroom – A/C – No Breakfast – Wifi
Notes: Very small rooms, we had asked for breakfast inc at that price but they tried to charge us more – they gave in in the end as we had email proof! One girl there speaks English very well and very friendly. The others so-so.

"Ho Guom Gold Hotel"
Address: 85 Hang Bac Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Tel: +84 43935 1799
Email: tungtranghotel@yahoo.com
Cost: $14 per room – Ensuite Bathroom – A/C – No Breakfast – Wifi
Notes: Nice location, in the old quarters. Friendly staff. Nice enough rooms w big bathrooms.

"Vega Travel"
Address: 24a Hang Bac – adjoining 106 Ma May Street, Hanoi
Tel: +84 4 926 2092
Email: vegatravel@fpt.vn
Web: http://www.vega-travel.com/
Cost: VD 226,300 (approx $109) per person
Notes: 2night - 3day tour. This included the 1st night on the boat, the 2nd at a hotel on Cat Ba Island. If we had to do it again, we would only do 1 night/2day. The 2nd day is a bit rubbish, lots of waiting, boat changing to join other tours(they all do this, not just this company) etc. Or possibly do 2 nights on the boat, much more magical to be anchored in the bay than to be shipped off to a chain hotel with 20 floors! Dinner on Cat Ba was not included. Check all promises are in writing. Vega was a good enough company.

Listed in order of preference!

Tip: You don’t realize how many times you need to do trials(sometimes twice a day at each place), for this only choose your tailors [u]near[u]your hotel. We had spread the work between a fair few to avoid problems on all clothes, in case one was bad, which was a good idea. (We only intended to do 2 or 3, but ended up with 5 which was too much)

Address: 62 Tran Hung Doa Street, Hoi An
Tel: +84 510 391 0579
Email: adongsilk@vnn.vn OR sales@adongsilk.com
Web: www.adongsilk.com
Cost: $280 Suit Martin, $150 suit Steph, $57 Italian cotton shirt, $30 Chinos pants, $25 Linen pants, $40 Casual shirt.
Notes: Incredibly professional, courteous and helpful. A lovely experience from beginning to end. We had Chau and Ha as our assigned ladies and they were fab.
The prices above were what we were charged but of course the costs vary on which material you choose. I didn’t want a posh suit as wont wear it often so went for cheaper material (could have gone lower too). Martin too could have had something cheaper but the material he liked was amongst the most expensive. Don’t be deterred, cheaper can be had, it’s just worth going to them for a chat. The mens work shirts done here were the best of all the ones Martin got made.
Top Tip: They keep your measurements on tab for up to 2 years and can then do work remotely and ship it over to you.

Address: 47 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hoi An
Tel: +84 510 2212 474
Email: yalyshop@dng.vnn.vn or quynh@yalycouture.com
Web: www.yalycouture.com
Cost: $80 Coat - $60 Dress
Notes: Next best place in terms of quality of work. Although our lady was a grumpy one. She got irritated each time I asked for a correction..But..I suspect she is in the minority as the place swarmed with people every time we went, always a sign of a good reputation.

Address: 14 Tran Hung Doa Street, Hoi An
Tel: +84 510 391 4718
Email: tinadesign@vnn.vn
Cost: $18 summer dress, $15 work shirt, $18 short
Notes: Lower key than the above two but for getting stuff copied or getting cheaper items done, I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Sunny ladies, smily and helpful.

Address: 586 Cua Dai street, Hoi An
Tel: +84 0510 3915 186
Email: gamethi2004@yahoo.com
Cost: $15 PER SHIRT
Notes: Nice enough, but too far from us, way past the post office to the east of the town. Shirts not great though.

Address: 89A Tran Hung Doa Street, Hoi An
Tel: +84 510 3917 898
Email: peace.shop@hotmail.com
Cost: $20 shirt
Notes: We have a friend who had a good experience there but we didn’t enjoy it at all. Martin had a shirt done and then we took the door! Always grumpy, make you feel you are in their way. Not pleasant.

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