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ANTARCTICA - Part II (Photos)

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Day 1

IMG_6412.jpg IMG_6413.jpg
IMG_6416.jpg IMG_6417.jpg
IMG_6427.jpg Ninja_look_alikes.jpg
_MG_7029.jpg _MG_7031.jpg

Day 2 & 3

_MG_7071.jpg _MG_7069.jpg
_MG_7072.jpg _MG_7079.jpg
_MG_7162.jpg _MG_7246.jpg
_MG_7297.jpg _MG_7299.jpg
_MG_7303.jpg _MG_7361.jpg
_MG_7362.jpg _MG_7368.jpg
_MG_7381.jpg _MG_7382.jpg

Day 4

IMG_6530.jpg IMG_7720.jpg
IMG_7779.jpg IMG_7787.jpg
IMG_6487.jpg _MG_7233.jpg
_MG_7089.jpg _MG_7258.jpg
_MG_7282.jpg _MG_7565.jpg
_MG_7582.jpg _MG_7643.jpg
_MG_7664.jpg _MG_7726.jpg
_MG_7859.jpg _MG_7860.jpg
_MG_7865.jpg _MG_7866.jpg
IMG_7853.jpg _MG_7950.jpg
_MG_7624.jpg IMG_6493.jpg

Day 5

_MG_8260.jpg _MG_8273.jpg
_MG_8285.jpg _MG_8314.jpg
_MG_8322.jpg _MG_8334.jpg
_MG_8405.jpg _MG_8416.jpg
_MG_8457.jpg _MG_8608.jpg
IMG_6602.jpg IMG_6611.jpg
IMG_6615.jpg IMG_6629.jpg
IMG_6640.jpg 2IMG_6711.jpg
IMG_6675.jpg IMG_6661.jpg
270_IMG_6780.jpg IMG_7970.jpg
IMG_6690.jpg IMG_8546.jpg
IMG_8683.jpg _MG_8088.jpg
_MG_7977.jpg _MG_8583.jpg
_MG_8623.jpg _MG_8628.jpg
_MG_8659.jpg _MG_8724.jpg
_MG_8730.jpg _MG_8732.jpg
_MG_8775.jpg IMG_8777.jpg
_MG_8778.jpg _MG_7995.jpg
_MG_8780.jpg _MG_8779.jpg

Day 6

_MG_8913.jpg _MG_8841.jpg
_MG_8791.jpg _MG_8787.jpg
_MG_8951.jpg _MG_8982.jpg
_MG_8987.jpg _MG_9052.jpg
_MG_9056.jpg _MG_9057.jpg
_MG_9058.jpg _MG_9059.jpg
_MG_9068.jpg _MG_9080.jpg
_MG_9096.jpg _MG_9155.jpg
_MG_9162.jpg _MG_9204.jpg
_MG_9211.jpg _MG_9215.jpg
_MG_9284.jpg _MG_9292.jpg
_MG_9299.jpg _MG_9322.jpg
_MG_9346.jpg _MG_9402.jpg
_MG_9420.jpg _MG_9443.jpg
_MG_9457.jpg IMG_6839.jpg

Day 7

_MG_9476.jpg _MG_9480.jpg
IMG_6863.jpg IMG_6864.jpg
_MG_9493.jpg _MG_9507.jpg
IMG_6872.jpg _MG_9536.jpg
_MG_9537.jpg _MG_9538.jpg
_MG_9568.jpg _MG_9642.jpg
_MG_9610.jpg _MG_9598.jpg
IMG_6889.jpg IMG_6886.jpg
_MG_9646.jpg _MG_9659.jpg
_MG_9774.jpg _MG_9677.jpg
_MG_9704.jpg _MG_9748.jpg
_MG_9762.jpg _MG_9483.jpg

Day 8 & 9

IMG_9853.jpg _MG_9823.jpg
_MG_9835.jpg _MG_9843.jpg
_MG_9896.jpg _MG_9837.jpg
_MG_9816.jpg _MG_9931.jpg

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What a fantastic experience for U 2! And what excellent report + photos. BRAVO & THANK YOU.
Good luck for the rest of your trek. Lots of love.

by Gerard de Brugada

Your experience is great, some unique moments....The pictures make me dream. I think you should write a book, it will be a best seller for sure. Waiting for some more adventure!!!


by karine

INCREDIBLE!!!! No words !!! What an experience for both of you guys. Thank you for sharing all this with us.


by Sophie

Holy crap! I am so jealous. Antarctica has always been a dream of mine - I might have to move it up a few years...

by Elan

Wow great pics!! Steph i can sympathize with your seasickness... bet you were cursing martin and his strong stomach ;) Skimmed through you write up too... well written... will prob treat your blog as a book one day and read it more thoroughly from end to end (think you guys should at least send it to travel mags after!! Great to see you guys having so much fun... you two look great together in the pics!! Big Love to you both.

P.S. Martin... i assume you taking quite a few of the pics... stunning... nicely done bro!!

by Jay

An experience of a life time!! Magical.
All so beautifully documented with exquisite photography. Much love and continuous 'happy travelling'. Berit xx

by berit

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